E2metrix launches the E2mox Web Site to change the game in surface cleaning!





E2metrix announces today the launch of www.E2mox.ca,  an online, product-centric portal which features the eco-friendly E2mox Surface Cleaner and the paradigm-shifting E2mox Station.  Benefiting from E2metrix’s experience and know-how in award-winning electro-technologies, E2mox and E2mox Station are changing the game in how we clean surfaces from nasty pathogens such as the human coronavirus, H1N1, Salmonella and others.


Available for purchase online in 4 formats (3.78 L, 18.9L, 205 L and 1,000 L), E2mox is an environmentally-friendly, highly-effective, ready-to-use surface cleaner which is safe to use leaves no residues or chemicals on surfaces.  E2mox Station is a paradigm shift by having an automatic, easy-to-operate E2mox production machine on site, with a unique per-litre business model which addresses the rising costs associated with protecting employees, clients and the public in this new COVID-19 world.


Please visit the new transactional web site where E2mox can be purchased.  And do not hesitate to contact us (station@e2mox.ca) for more information on how the E2mox Station can change the game in surface cleaning for your workplace or for your public spaces.

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