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ECOTHOR-6RD : Disinfection


ECOTHOR-6RD™ is a simple to operate, chemical-free, cost-effective solution to bacteria elimination (including Legionella) in at-risk water circuits such as those for cooling towers, hotel & hospital hot water systems, spas and other mist-generating applications.

  • Up to 65% reduction in capital cost:

– vs chemical addition & filtration

– vs pulsed electromagnetic field

  • 40-75% reduction in operating & maintenance costs achievable
  • Large reduction in water consumption
  • Reducing biofilm and scale formation
  • Remote monitoring available
  • For new installations and retrofit

Using the principles of electrolysis, ECOTHOR-DTM applies an electrical current through the water which is passing through a reactor.  The current is generated via the potential difference in voltage between the electrodes.

The current ionizes the organic compounds on the surface of the bacterial and biofilm cell walls (including legionella) in the water, which results in the modification of the characteristics of the cell wall inducing the inactivation of the organism and its elimination.

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Technology used: Electrocoagulation

Electrocoagulation is a water treatment process whereby an electric current is applied across metal anodes to remove various contaminants from water. The metal cations dissolved in the wastewater are complexed to form hydroxide ions, and these compounds act as a coagulant. By controlling the amperage, the coagulant dosage can be adjusted to meet the treatment goals. Although the electrocoagulation mechanism resembles chemical coagulation, some differences benefit electrocoagulation. Indeed, electrocoagulated flocs differ from those generated by chemical coagulation. Flocs created with the electrocoagulation process tend to contain less bound water, are generally more resistant to shearing and are typically more easily filterable.


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