Produce a Green Disinfectant against COVID-19 directly in Your Enterprise Thanks to OXWELL™ from E2metrix

SHERBROOKE, QC, March 29, 2021 – Thanks to OXWELL™, its green, multipurpose disinfectant, the Canadian company E2metrix offers the possibility to enterprises and institutions to produce onsite their own disinfectant to address their substantial disinfection needs.  This disinfectant is the only product made in Canada with this active ingredient produced by electro-technology which is officially approved by Health Canada to fight against the COVID-19 virus in 60 seconds on hard surfaces.

Given the efficacy against the COVID-19 virus and other pathogens, OXWELL™, a broad-spectrum disinfectant solution, is a green alternative to traditional chemical products often used in the hospital, industrial and institutional markets.


The OXWELL™ technology relies on the efficiency of electrotechnology applications via electro-oxidation. The ECOTHOR® system has been integrated into the company’s E2mox™ Station, which has the capacity to produce a powerful disinfectant capable of eliminating a wide variety of germs.  OXWELL™ is produced from renewable resources (water, salt and electricity), is 100% biodegradable, non-irritant and non-toxic.

The E2mox™ Station, which is an automated production unit, enables the onsite production of OXWELL™ with a unique, per-use business model – a true paradigm shift in this field.


Mohamed Laaroussi, President, Founder and CEO of E2metrix said the following, “The users of our ready-to-use product appreciate its gentleness and odour, all the while being a powerful disinfectant.”

Mr. Laaroussi added, “The whole E2metrix team has worked since the beginning of the pandemic to bring forth its innovations and its expertise to the challenge in helping with the fight against the coronavirus. OXWELL™ and the E2mox™ Station are well positioned for the highly economical disinfection of large spaces with large volumes, while contributing to public health protection and while minimizing environmental impacts.”

OXWELL™ is now available in 3.78L, 18.9L and 1,000 L formats.  In the coming weeks, E2metrix will launch OXWELL™ from a promotional standpoint.  For more information on OXWELL™ or on the E2mox™ Station, please contact us at or at 1 (888) 486-1142.


About E2metrix Inc.

E2metrix is a Sherbrooke, Quebec-based enterprise which offers wastewater and industrial water treatment systems, with a focus on ECOTHOR®, a “plug & play”, patented electro-technology (14 patents, 8 issued, 6 pending).  ECOTHOR® was recognized in 2020 internationally as one of the 1000 efficient solutions by the Solar Impulse Foundation.  OXWELL™, an affordable, environmentally-friendly, and safe surface disinfectant, is produced from a process derived from its ECOTHOR® electrotechnology platform, benefiting from the company’s extensive innovation, design, fabrication and assembly capabilities – leading to the paradigm-shifting E2mox™ Station, an automated disinfectant production unit for use where needed onsite.

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