A new breakthrough in water treatment: Advanced Electro-technologies

ECOTHOR® is the next-generation technology for the removal & recovery of nutrients, the reduction of micro-contaminants, the elimination of microorganisms and the advanced oxidation of complex organics.

ECOTHOR® is a comprehensive and cost-effective solution for advanced wastewater treatment.

Low OPEX – proprietary anode design with an optimized power management system ensures low operating costs.

Low CAPEX – flexible reactor sizing ensures that the system can easily scale up from less than 10 m3/d to more than 5,000 m3/d.

E2metrix technology platform
E2metrix technology platform


Simultaneous Multiple Contaminant Removal

Only ECOTHOR® can simultaneously treat multiple contaminants without the need for multiple treatment trains. The system is well suited for targeted destruction of organics, bacteria, and other contaminants that are difficult to remove with conventional treatment systems. Also, in contrast to conventional biological processes, the efficacy of ECOTHOR® is not affected negatively by low temperature enabling contaminant management in cold weather conditions year-round.

Remediation & Disinfection simultaneously

ECOTHOR® can be used to effectively remediate and remove contaminants, even in cold weather or highly turbid waters, which can affect UV, ozone or biological systems. Also, it eliminates effectively the need for chemical disinfection or additional equipment such as UV, to eliminate microorganisms.

Online Monitoring and Control

ECOTHOR® incorporates the latest sensor technology which continuously monitors effluent water for conformity, regardless of the parameter. Continuous automatic control with optimized electrodes based on source water contamination, translates into:

  • Optimized power consumption based on water quality.
  • Low sludge production that is easily dewatered or safely disposed (and disinfected simultaneously).
  • Low maintenance costs – typically 50% or higher cost savings versus chemical coagulation processes or UV and ozone per volume of water treated.
  • Large reduction in water consumption.

Key ECOTHOR® Advantages

Water reuse and remediation

In communities all around the world, water supplies are becoming under increasing pressure as population grows, climate changes, pollution increases, and changes in land use affect water quantity and quality. To address existing and anticipated water shortages, many communities are working to increase water conservation and are seeking alternative sources of water. Water reuse—the use of treated wastewater, or “reclaimed” water, for beneficial purposes such as drinking, irrigation, or industrial uses—is one option that has helped some communities significantly expand their water supplies.
The ECOTHOR® technology can pre-treat water prior to being treated in a secondary system, for example to eliminate biofouling or membrane durability problems, to enable customers to expand reclaim and reuse opportunities.

The Discharge Requirements Challenge

Effluent Guidelines are national regulatory standards for wastewater discharged to surface water and municipal sewage treatment plants. Regulatory bodies issue these regulations for industrial and municipal categories, based on the performance of treatment and control technologies. Manufacturers face tough permitting standards from local, state and federal agencies. In many cases, permit limits on specific organic compounds can limit facility expansion or even continued operation. E2metrix provides an effective and proven solutions to customers for pre-treating or problem streams to ensure compliance, avoid surcharges and enable facility expansion.

Meeting Biological Treatment Plant Challenges

Biological treatment influents waters are becoming more complex and variable in contaminant levels. In particular, toxic, non-biodegradable organics are increasingly negatively impacting the performance of on-site biological systems causing fouling and decreased operative efficiency. On many sites, biological systems are operating above design capacity and cannot accommodate plant expansion. High costs to retrofit or to upgrade existing facilities have led to E2metrix providing a cost-effective, low foot-print solutions for pre-treating biological treated water to avoid treatment issues and enable the operators to maintain or even increase throughput without requiring significant capex investment.

Eliminate off-site trucking of wastewater

Small wastewater producers, in particular, face significant off-site trucking and disposal of wastewater. The cost is high whilst carrying uncertain risks and liabilities. E2metrix electrotechnology mitigates these issues by avoiding off-site trucking. Wastewater is treated on-site to meet regulatory permits which can then be safely discharged to sewers, waterways or simply sent to another on-site wastewater treatment system. This reduces operating costs, automates and streamlines operations, eliminates waste, reduces risk, improves safety and environmental performance.

Eliminate off-site disposal of onsite aqueous and solid waste

Many treatment methods including photochemical oxidation (UV) and filtration/absorption, were developed to manage contaminants in aqueous solution. However, these technologies are generally limited by their harsh treatment conditions, complicated operation, chemical additives, low mineralization extents, low energy efficiency, or high operation costs. In addition, the application of these technologies to treat large volumes of diluted PFAS wastewaters is not technically and economically feasible as they are unable to achieve the desired low contaminant levels.

The deficiency of these technologies is related to the management of toxic substances, such as the spent chemicals, absorbents or sludge produced. E2metrix eliminates disposal of aqueous and solid waste by pre-treating streams on-site for safe discharge. The ECOTHOR®-AOP destroys the contaminants to gaseous form. This reduces operating costs, automates and streamlines operations, eliminates waste, reduces risk, improves safety and environmental performance.