ECOTHOR® is a proprietary electrotechnology platform, covered by 18 patents, including 10 issued.  ECOTHOR® uses the power of electricity and the ingenuity of the team at E2metrix to provide a clean and economical treatment of water, wastewater, landfill leachate, groundwater municipal and industrial water (ex. mining, food & beverage, agriculture).  To date, E2metrix have delivered over 200 reactors.

ECOTHOR® is a modular, “plug & play” process.  The ECOTHOR® reactor can be operated alone or assembled together to treat water flows from as low as 1 cubic metre to thousands of cubic metres daily.  ECOTHOR® can operate in three different modes: electro-oxidation (ECOTHOR®-EOx), electro-coagulation (ECOTHOR®-EC), and/or electro-disinfection (ECOTHOR®-D) to target removal of a wide range of contaminants:

ECOTHOR®’s features are simple:

  • Multiple contaminants removed simultaneously (high efficiency)
  • Competitive CAPEX, low cost of ownership
  • Fully automated with remote operation on multiple platforms
  • Simple-to-operate and easy-to-maintain
  • On/Off Capabilities vs biological processes
  • Compact & modular – small footprint – containers available
  • No moving parts