Water Disinfection (ex. Cooling Towers)


The water circuits associated with cooling towers for buildings, arenas and small industrial processes have ideal conditions for the growth of bacteria and biofilm, which will lead to legionella formation and to significant risk to the surrounding community.  Operators typically use chemical biocides to prevent bacterial and biofilm growth, but this is costly, and can result in an overconsumption of fresh water.

ECOTHOR®-D is a simple to operate, chemical-free, cost-effective solution to bacteria elimination in at-risk water circuits such as those for cooling towers, hotel & hospital hot water systems, spas and other mist-generating applications.ECOTHOR®-D offers a green building solution that enables water conservation and re-use, potentially generating LEED points.

The E2metrix advantages

  • Payback of under 1.5 years possible vs traditional chemical biocide use
  • 40-75% reduction in operating & maintenance costs achievable
  • Large reduction in water consumption
  • Reducing biofilm and scale formation
  • Fully automated with remote operation on multiple platforms
  • Simple-to-operate and easy-to-maintain
  • On/Off Capabilities
  • Compact & modular – small footprint
  • No moving parts

Efficiencies – Cooling Tower Disinfection

Tower A – Summer Start-Up Legionella Pneumophila CFU/L
Day 7 after start-up < 3000
Day 16 < 3000
Day 22 < 3000
Day 28 < 3000
Day 49 < 3000
Day 99 < 3000
Day 146 < 3000