ECOTHOR®-AOP is a patented cost-effective and environmentally sound treatment process for the treatment and removal of complex organics and/or ammonia with zero waste from industrial and municipal water including wastewater, stormwater, sewage effluent and mine wastewater. The contaminants are from a wide range of sources including solvents, aromatics, nitrogen compounds and organics.

At the core of the ECOTHOR®-AOP system is its proprietary electrochemical reactor that converts total recalcitrant compounds such as ammonia directly to gaseous nitrogen without producing the carcinogen nitrate and the greenhouse gas nitrous oxide. Responsible management of ammonia will inhibit the proliferation of algae and improve the water quality of receiving water bodies.

Turn-Key Systems
Start to Finish service and maintenance
24X7 remote operation and monitoring
24x7 Service
Extended Service and Finance Contracts

Full Water Testing, Field Pilots and Pre-Concept Engineering Capability

At E2metrix we guarantee our solution to you. Our experienced technical staff first conducts laboratory testing of the sample to verify treatability. We then proceed to field pilot testing which allows us to verify the economics of scalability. With this, our engineers develop the final solution and concept. If needed, our integrator capabilities are used to develop the most reliable, economical and efficient treatment process. You will have access to all data at each and every step.

Turn-key Packaged Treatment System

All E2metrix systems are designed as complete turn-key solutions. We will install, start-up, commission and service the system we provide. All systems come equipped with all the required electrochemical equipment, other integrated systems, power and water inlets or outlets as well as 24X7 cloud-based monitoring and control using our E2Net customer interface. We can provide our systems as stand-alone, containerized or mobile platforms.

E2Net – A Total Customer Interface for all System Operation, Service and Maintenance

At E2metrix, all our water treatment solutions come with our 24X7 E2Net service package – at no additional cost. With E2Net we monitor system performance 24X7. The customer interface allows for preventative maintenance, rapid anode replacement, rapid service support, on-line system monitoring of power consumption and water treated and monthly KPI reporting. Customers can monitor performance on-line at any time.

Technical Innovation Guarantee

We continuously improve our technology and we guarantee you will always be operating with the latest technology. From new reactors, to new advanced oxidation technology, to Cloud-based, remote monitoring and reporting, we will always bring you the best, most reliable and safest solution.

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