A growing number of wastewater treatment professionals, especially those in the industrial sector, are turning to electrochemistry as the go to technology for a water treatment. Electrochemistry, which can either be electrocoagulation or electro-oxidation, is extremely effective as a one-step process to remove multiple contaminants simultaneously.

E2Metrix’s modular reactor array is specifically designed to include both type of technologies within one treatment unit. Prior water testing leads to the optimal design of the treatment process.

At E2Metrix we offer turn-key applications and services, including modular plant designs which can be scaled to any flow volume or simply integrated into current process design. We also offer fully operational mobile pilot plants for on-site validation and testing.

Environmental CleanTech Applications

Industrial and municipal users are looking for low cost, more effective treatment options, other than chemicals, when treating water for reuse applications or with wastewater that is going to be directly released into surface water bodies. CleanTech applications are becoming more important and solutions that protect the environment are increasingly being applied.

A recent application using combined electro-oxidation and electro-coagulation was implemented at a municipal wastewater treatment facility. Wastewater was post-treated to remove pharmacological compounds, as well as phosphorus and ammonia nitrogen.

Another recent application at a leachate plant treated heavy metals from the water which allowed the client to meet the requirements of the Water Treatment.

Lastly, successful removal of phosphate and ammonia was achieved to prevent harmful algae blooms (HAB), causing cyanotoxins, at a drinking water reservoir,