Food & Beverage

Brewery. Modern beer plant with brewering kettles, tubes and tanks made of stainless steel

For a wide range of contaminants present in the wastewater from many Food & Beverage operations, from TSS & FOG to BOD5/COD, phosphates and ammonia compounds, ECOTHOR® is the optimum platform.

A safe, eco-friendly and reliable solution, the ECOTHOR® reactor can be operated in a bank of multiple reactors to treat discharge flows from a few m3 to thousands of m3 per day.

The E2metrix advantages

  • Can be used to target multiple contaminants simultaneously
  • Removal of various pathogen
  • No use of chemicals
  • Compact & modular skids (containerized WWT)
  • Fully automated & remote monitoring
  • Low maintenance & minimal operator attention
  • Sludge minimization & stabilization
  • Removal and recovery of organic material
  • Reduces greenhouse gas emissions compared to conventional coagulation-flocculation practices

Removal Efficiencies

BOD5 80%
COD > 80%
Phosphorus > 99%
Oil and grease > 98%

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