Water & Wastewater

E2metrix Inc. offers a range of products specifically designed for the treatment of industrial wastewater from dairies and cheese factories, slaughterhouses, landfills, as well as many other industries, and can also meet the needs of customers in the industrial, municipal and domestic wastewater field.

ECOTHOR™ is a modular, Plug ’n Play platform that may be easily incorporated into any greenfield or retrofit application as a tertiary filtration process, ensuring reliable, consistent and cost-effective compliance with the most stringent regulatory requirements. The ECOTHOR reactor can be operated in a bank of multiple reactors to treat leachate discharge flows from a few hundred to thousands of m3 per day.

The E2metrix advantages

  • Exceptional Phosphorous Removal Performance (0 Phosphorous Target)
  • Removal of Ammonia Nitrogen through struvite precipitation (patented process)
  • Removal of complex organics (e.g.: Ethylene Glycol, Fluoride, PAHs)
  • Can be used to target multiple contaminants simultaneously
  • Removal of various pathogen
  • No use of chemicals
  • Compact & Modular Skids (containerized WWT)
  • Fully Automated & Remote Monitoring
  • Low Maintenance & Minimal Operator Attention
  • Sludge Minimization & Stabilization
  • Enables Nutrient Removal and Recovery
  • Reduces greenhouse gas emissions compared to conventional coagulation-flocculation practices

Technical Information

Total Ammonia Nitrogen 70-98%
Un-ionized ammonia > 99%
Phosphorus > 95%
Total Suspended Solids 85-99+%
Heavy metals > 99%

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