Disinfectant Production System

  •  On site, production of tens to thousands of litres per day, on demand
  •  For use by in house facilities management team or designated cleaning service provider
  • Lower cost with pay per use model, no capital expenditure
  •  Ready to use (RTU) disinfectant that requires no mixing, dilution, special handling or protective equipment
  • Allows for both facilities disinfection and individual employee workspace use

E2mox™ Station

FLEXIBILITY – On site disinfectant production means it is readily accessible across all functions & areas, allowing for increased frequency of disinfection, and in more areas as needed

 LOWER COST – Dramatically lower disinfectant and environmental costs.  Made with water, salt and electricity

AUTOMATION & CONNECTIVITY – Automated production and remote monitoring with minimal maintenance

SYSTEM FORMATS  – Modular systems customized for small buildings to large industrial and institutional usage

Adaptable to all different electrical inputs (50/60 Hz, 1/3 ph, 110/240/480/600 V); Small footprint: 50 L/h < 4 m2; 1,000 L/h < 20 m2; Can be containerized if required.