E2mox™ Station

Available in two formats

1000 L/hr

125 L/hr

With the need to protect their workers, companies must  continuously clean surfaces.  With the exorbitant and unbudgeted costs for purchasing these cleaning products, equipping your facility with a cleaner production station is the logical solution.  Using simply water, salt and electricity, E2mox™, a powerful, yet safe cleaner, can cost-effectively be produced at your facility.  Features include:

  • Active ingredient – 500 ppm HOCl – 100x more powerful than javel water
  • Dissipates rapidly in the environment
  • Will not irritate the skin – Safe for use
  • Perfect for remote locations – Mines, Camps, Isolated Communities
  • “Plug & Play” configuration
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Remote operation and monitoring available

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