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Municipal & Commercial Wastewater

Cost-effective, reliable and robust solutions for exceptional reduction of Ammonia Nitrogen and virtual elimination of Total Phosphorus, and their recovery as a safe and environmentally-sustainable fertilizer. Chemical-free, easy-to-operate tertiary treatment.

Landfill Leachate

ECOTHOR is an affordable and highly-effective treatment solution for a wide range of contaminants found in municipal and industrial landfill effluent, including BOD5, COD, heavy metals, phosphates and ammonia compounds. Modular, compact, with low CAPEX & OPEX.

Food & Beverage

For a wide range of contaminants present in the wastewater from many Food & Beverage operations, from TSS & FOG to BOD5/COD, phosphates and ammonia compounds, ECOTHOR is the optimum platform.
Safe, eco-friendly reliable solution.


ECOTHOR is a unique, patented electrolysis process for the safe, effective and affordable removal of ammonia nitrogen and heavy metals from mine water contaminated by normal blasting operations.
Simple-to-operate and easy-to-maintain.


For the reduction and removal of a wide range of suspended solid contaminants in industrial effluent, from metal processing to pharmaceutical production, ECOTHOR is a highly effective, adaptable and robust treatment solution. A fully-customized platform, designed to achieve the specific removal targets of each application.


ECOTHOR-D is a cost-effective, chemical-free and simple to operate and maintain solution for the control of legionella and other micro-organisms from cooling tower and other water management systems. A green building solution that enables water conservation and re-use.

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