• Produce a Green Disinfectant against COVID-19 directly in Your Enterprise Thanks to OXWELL™ from E2metrix

    SHERBROOKE, QC, March 29, 2021 – Thanks to OXWELL™, its green, multipurpose disinfectant, the Canadian company E2metrix offers the possibility to enterprises and institutions to produce onsite their own disinfectant to address their substantial disinfection needs.  This disinfectant is the only product made in Canada with this active ingredient produced by electro-technology which is officially approved

  • E2metrix launches the E2mox Web Site to change the game in surface cleaning!

            E2metrix announces today the launch of,  an online, product-centric portal which features the eco-friendly E2mox Surface Cleaner and the paradigm-shifting E2mox Station.  Benefiting from E2metrix’s experience and know-how in award-winning electro-technologies, E2mox and E2mox Station are changing the game in how we clean surfaces from nasty pathogens such as the

  • E2metrix featured in International Mining

    Water management and treatment in the mining sector is evolving, in part, due to new technologies and solutions. In this month’s edition of International Mining (March 2021), the spotlight is on our mobile and modular ECOTHOR solution (page 6 in the post in the link below). link:

  • PFAS – Slashing the costs to a “forever” problem In groundwater and landfill leachate

      ECOTHOR-AOP™ is an advanced oxidation process which can drastically reduce the consumable costs associated with PFAS destruction in contaminated groundwater and landfill leachate.  E2metrix leverages our successes and know-how in designing and deploying ECOTHOR™ electro-technology solutions in a variety of sectors (landfills, contaminated groundwater, mining) to offer a robust, automated, green & clean process