Mines provide the metals and minerals we need to function in a modern society.  New needs for energy storage will require critical and strategic materials including graphite, copper, nickel, cobalt and others to be extracted.  However, mining operations will always impact the environment.  As such, mines needs tools to minimize, if not eliminate, any sort of impact on the environment.  Water treatment is critical to achieving this goal along with getting buy-in from the community the operation impacts.

The ECOTHOR® electrotechnology platform can support mining operations in a number of ways:

  • ECOTHOR®-EOx can remove ammonia nitrogen produced from explosives in mine water (open pit and underground);
  • ECOTHOR®-EOx can eliminate ammonia, cyanide, cyanate, and thiocyanate from gold mine process water;
  • ECOTHOR®-EC can remove heavy metals and TSS from thickener supernatants and tailing ponds. ECOTHOR®-EC can be coupled with ceramic membrane ultrafiltration to recover metals for reuse.

The E2metrix advantages

  • Multiple contaminants removed simultaneously (high efficiency)
  • Competitive CAPEX, low cost of ownership
  • Service contract available
  • Fully automated with remote operation on multiple platforms
  • Simple-to-operate and easy-to-maintain
  • On/Off Capabilities vs biological processes
  • Compact & modular – small footprint – containers available
  • Complete leachate treatment train available – Containerized as well
  • No moving parts.

Removal Efficiencies – Mining

Total Ammonia Nitrogen 70-98%
Un-ionized ammonia > 99%
Cyanides > 95%
Thiocyanates > 99%
Total Suspended Solids 85-99+%
Ni > 99%
Zn > 99%
Cu > 95%