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Chemical-free Total Phosphorus Removal

Treating phosphorus and other complex contaminants to below detectable limits
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ECOTHOR™ – Electrolysis Technology Platform

ECOTHOR™ is the next generation application of for the removal & recovery of nutrients, the reduction of micro-contaminants, the elimination of microorganisms and the advanced oxidation of complex organics.

ECOTHOR™ is a comprehensive and cost effective solution for advance wastewater treatment :

Low OPEX – proprietary anode design with an optimized power management system ensures low operating costs.

Low CAPEX – flexible reactor sizing ensures that the system can easily scale up from less than 10m3/d to more than 4,000 m3/d.

Delivering effective treatment of multi-parameter contaminants in municipal and industrial wastewater

Demonstrated Results:

ParameterRemoval EfficiencyEffluent Quality
Total Phosphorus98.7%0.02 mg/L
Ammonia Nitrogen92%0.5 mg/L
BOD595%<6 mg/L
FOG99.7%0.7 mg/L
Heavy Metals96%0.007 mg/L
TSS99.5%4 mg/L
Coliforms99.99%<10 cfu/100mL

A better approach to Phosphorus treatment:

ECOTHOR™’s game changing approach to phosphorus removal removes the use of hazardous chemicals from the process. The treated phosphorus can be recovered for reuse as a fertilizer and the production of contaminated sludge is eliminated lowering total treatment costs.

ECOTHOR™ is a modular, Plug ’n Play platform that may be easily incorporated into any green field or retrofit application as a tertiary filtration process, ensuring reliable, consistent and cost-effective compliance with the most stringent regulatory requirements.


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